Houdini is a so-called "UCI-compatible" chess engine that requires a graphical chess environment or chess "GUI" (Graphical User Interface) to run. This GUI will show you the chess board and allow you to play chess games or analyze positions.


For the best user experience of Houdini you'll need to install a graphical chess environment like the free Arena, SCID or Winboard, or the commercial Shredder, ChessBase or Aquarium.


After installing the chess environment, you can install Houdini as a UCI engine:

Arena: use the "Engines", "Install New Engine" menu.
Shredder Classic GUI: use the "Extras", "Engines", "Install Engine" menu.
Fritz/ChessBase GUI: use the "Engine" tab, "Create UCI Engine" button.
Aquarium: use the "Add" button on the "Engines" tab.


When a file selection dialog opens, go to the "C:\Program Files\Houdini 6 Chess" folder and select the "Houdini 6.exe" file.


The next chapter contains a step-by-step installation of Houdini in Arena 3.5 and in the ChessBase/Fritz GUI.